Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Car Zen

So one of my favorite blogs, Ed Kohler, The Deets had a website link in today's posting. It's called Car Zen. So I thought I would try it.

Well, I did. I answered honestly. It came up with an 86% recommendation for the Honda Accord EX-L. That's what I bought a couple of months ago! I guess I bought the right car eh!!!

Try out this website and see what recommendations you get!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's cold!

I may have mentioned in the past that I dislike winter. Well I do!! At the moment it's -34 degrees C. I don't know that that is in F. All I can tell you it's cold!!!!!!

We actually don't have that much snow, not like some places. I can't believe Vancouver Island got as much snow as it did. They just aren't used to that! Here we just trudge on, but then, as I've been told it's a different snow. That's true, I remember living in Vancouver, I didn't go anywhere when it snowed. But that used to be only a day or two, not like this year!!!

Candace and I went to Trevor Linden night this week. What a great ceremony. The Canucks did a great job saluting him. I got "misty" of course!! It was a real honour to be there, I'm so glad I went, it was neat to see his banner being raised in GM Place. The game wasn't so bad either!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow and cold!

Well winter is here! It's minus 25 celcius here. Plus we have about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Most people in Princeton don 't go anywhere unless they have to when it's this cold. Snow doesn't bother anyone, we just carry on. But then we're used to it.

It seems like I've managed to pick up a slight sore throat, but I better get better soon, because Wednesday Dec 17 I'm going to the Vancouver Canucks game! It's Trevor Linden night, they are retiring his jersey with a ceremony an hour before the game, I'm sure I'll be quite emotional, he's been my favorite player for years. I could go on but I won't. One of my favorite moments was the 1994 cup run, I can still picture that last game after they lost. Wow, it still brings a lump to my throat, or is that because it's sore????!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family and Visitors

So we have a full house this weekend. Well, it's just not our house, it's our friends house as well!
Candace (my daughter) came home from school for the weekend, which she's been doing regularly, her mother appreciates that! Plus Nick, (my son) invited some of his friends from Chilliwack to come visit up here this weekend. I have to admit, I love it! Our friends, their son is one of the visitors, have become pretty much family to us. We were there last night and it was so great to see all our kids having so much fun together. We were all laughing and eating, it was awesome. The kids ended up playing "rock band" and they were taking turns singing with it! It just put such a smile on my mommy face! So while the kids were busy, the parents did karaoke! I haven't sung like that for a while, it was great.
I love having 'family' visit!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More stuff

Been away again! I went to Las Vegas at the end of October. I had an awesome time again! We went to the top fuel drag races while we were there. It was fantastic, I've never been before, and it's something I recommend everyone do at least once.

Yesterday, I was at a course put on by the Real Estate Board in our area. It was about contracts and all the recent changes in a real estate contract. I learned some more valuable information. Somethings I already knew, but all in all it was a good reminder. It never hurts to learn more.

After the course, there was a Broker's meeting. Looks like the more things change the more they stay the same. Again, interesting stuff. Looks like there will be some wording changes on they way we conduct our business, watch for it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

New guy in the office

So we have a new Realtor in our office, Mike Mullin. Great kid! He's going to be just fine. But, the poor guy, he's now finding out how much you DON'T LEARN in the Realtor's course.
During the Realtor's course, (by the way, BC has the most difficult course for Realtor's in North America) they teach you law, some dos and don'ts. But they don't teach you how to basically write a contract, what clauses you need, where to find clients etc.
So now the fun begins! Mike will take the post-licensing course soon, that will teach him how to write contracts, clauses etc. But most of his learning, just like any new Realtor, will be learned here in the office or on the fly. I'm really lucky that my other Realtors are great teachers too and willing to help.
Lots of fun for the new guy, it brings back lots of memories for the rest of us too!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My realtors love RE/MAX

Apparently, I taught my realtors to love RE/MAX too much!

RE/MAX balloon day!

It's RE/MAX balloon day! We are celebrating 30 years of balloons! The RE/MAX balloon is one of the most recognizable corporate logos around. So we are having a fun day today! We are serving cake and coffee to any and all walkins!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Back from the Oyster Run

What a great weekend. There were more bikes, more vendors than I remember from before. I saw some really neat bikes. I even saw a goldwing with a turbo! I also saw some 'interesting people'! Enjoy the pictures.

Click on the link:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oyster Run!

So I'm heading out to Anacortes Washington tomorrow for the Oyster Run. I really hope I can ride by bike. I'm still kind of sick, well, just hacking and feeling tired. However, the dr said I'd probably be ok to ride, we'll just see. I really need to get back on my bike before the season is over here. I really miss her, and I know she misses me!!! I hate being sort of still sick. grrrrrrrrr.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I hate being sick. I've been sick all week. This week all I've done is, HACK, HACK HACK, HACK, SNORT, SNEEZE, HACK, HACK, moan...., pain, you get the picture. Not pretty is it? Apparently, I have bronchitis and sinus infection. At least my sinus' hurt less today. Now I'm just hacking up a lung or 2.

But, a good point. I found out that ADT does work! I got a phone call last night at 2am from ADT,the glass breakage alarm went off, ADT had already called the police. So off Randy and I head downtown, all the while thinking,oh crap what a mess. I'm assuming the TV in the window is gone, glass everywhere, what a mess at 2 in the morning! We get to the office, the RCMP is already there, nothing is broken! We find the rock that someone threw against the door, there's just a mark on the door where the rock hit. I guess the alarm scared whoever did this off. Well, that was $30 well spent this month!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to school

Well it's back to school, fall must be here.
This past weekend, we moved Candace into her dorm at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna. Wow, it was amazing. There was a huge lineup of cars, but, everything moved quick. We had all of Candace's stuff in her room (with the help of 4 other students) in about 15 minutes. Then came the unpacking and shopping for stuff that she still needed.

So yesterday, she had her new student orientation. She said it went well and enjoyed it. Today, is the first day of classes. I hope everything goes well for her.

Randy said something rather profound when we left Kelowna after moving her in, is this harder on the parents or the students? I'm really not sure. I know it's tough on me! I just keep reminding myself that this is something she's worked hard for, plus it's something she's always wanted. Candace has always been a great student and this past summer she's been so excited about university.

But, it's still tough on Mom.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

After 5 years

Nick (my 21 yr old son) finally got his class 6 motorcycle licence. He aced the road test too! He only got a couple of demerits. I told him not to be nervous on the road test, I said just think of it as you are showing them how good you ride. Well it worked. I guess biking is in the blood!!
It really shouldn't have taken so long to get to this point, but, having to go out of town for the test, and learner's permits expiring kind of delayed him.

Way to go Nick!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Short Vacation

So, I'm off for a short vacation. We are travelling to Leavenworth, Washington. We plan on staying at the Bavarian Lodge. If you ever go to Leavenworth, I highly recommend this hotel. It's very cute. Don't know where we're going after this, but, I'll be back on Friday.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's hot!

I was showing property yesterday, boy was it ever hot!! But, it's a dry heat.

Our real estate market is still busy. Rural properties are holding a steady price, but, in town seems to be dropping a bit in price. It seems that most people coming into our office are asking about rural properties. I think they want to get away from big city living and just relax. Some are looking for cabins, for the quick weekend getaway, some just want out of the big city.

So far, summer has proved to be steady for real estate, but, I expect it to pick up again in the fall.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another day, another post, Bear!

Well, I'm posting, cause Bear said I had too.

Um, I'm home from my short vacation to Idaho, had a fantastic time with great friends. Pete arranged for an awesome thunder and lightning storm, that guy thinks of everything! I don't know what we can do for him when he comes up north to visit!

Had a good ride home, only a little rain. So everyone got to laugh at me when I put on my rain gear, I was quite the picture! My rain gear consisted of my bright yellow jacket, black pants, and my pink buff pulled up to my glasses to cover my face! Of course to top it all off, I've lost weight and the rain gear is a little big on my now!

So back to work, this week, then a short family trip next week.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not much

So not much happening here lately.
I've been to Kelowna for a 2 day management training course at RE/MAX. That was good I learned more stuff.
I've been planning for a short vacation this summer. So I'm taking off for 4 days (woo hoo) to Idaho to visit some friends.
Then we are taking 3 days off to go to Leavenworth Washington and there abouts! The end of August is not a time I'm looking forward to. My daughter is moving to UBC Okanagan for school, it's going to be tough to see my baby leave. At least Kelowna is only 2 hours away, so she can come home on the weekend.

Bear, I'll try to update more later.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New office sign!

RE/MAX country has a new office sign! You can find us easier now. Our office is at 240 Bridge Street, Princeton, BC. I took pictures, of course! Click below to see all the pictures.

RE/MAX country has a new office sign!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Racing Days Parade in Princeton, BC

Our office decided to go in the parade this year! See the slideshow below for all the pictures.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks for the memories, Trevor

Well today is a sad day for Vancouver Canuck fans like me. Our beloved Trevor Linden officially retired. I'm so glad that even though I'm in Denver today, at least I can see the press conference on the net, thank goodness for the Internet! I would hate to have missed this by being away.

I knew this was coming, I'm so glad I was at the last Canucks game on April 5. It was great the way everyone saluted Trevor. Heck, I had tears in my eyes by the end of the game. It was a very emotional evening. Today, even knowing that he was retiring, it's still sad. He was a great asset to the Vancouver Canucks and our city. It will be strange next season not to see number 16 out there playing. At least he always gave our team a great effort. There's definately something special about our number 16.

So long Trevor, it's been a great 20 years of hockey, thanks for that! You'll always be #1 in our hearts. When the Canucks finally win the Stanley Cup, I'll still be a little sad for you that you didn't get to raise the Cup as a Canuck, but, I'll bet you'll be cheering in the stands!

Thanks again for the memories, Trevor!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The change is happening!

At the RE/MAX orientation, I met some Realtors from Vancouver and discussed their market. The change is happening! They are now seeing lots of offers with "subject to the sale of the buyer's home". This was unheard of last year. It is now becoming a "buyers market".

I was just watching the global morning news, Chris Carter was on. He was discussing the same thing. He mentioned that it was only 6 weeks ago that it was a "seller's market". Amazing how fast things can change!

What does this mean for the Princeton, BC market? Usually, we follow the Vancouver market. So, the tide could be changing here too. Although we are a little different than the Vancouver market, as people buy here for recreational homes as well. However, we are finding that if you price correctly, your home will sell quickly. So right now, be sure your Realtor does a CMA (comparative market analysis), see what other homes similar to yours are selling for. Don't compare the listing price when you are the seller, look at what the homes have SOLD for. Don't over price thinking that you can negotiate. If you want your property sold, talk to your Realtor and don't overprice!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I was at the new sales associate orientation the past 2 days in Kelowna. It was a very interesting course. Well worth my time to go. There were about 55 new sales associates at the course, some all the way from Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Most of the people there were brand new to Real Estate, although there were some "old timers" like me as well. It was very interesting talking to the other Realtors to see how they were doing in their area.

According to the Vancouver Realtors, they are now getting offers that are "subject to the sale of the buyer's home". That is new, they didn't get any like that last year. So the market must be changing. We should see that in our area soon, unless, the "mine" re-opens. This also might mean that prices will be dropping, but, who knows? We'll just have to wait and see. After all who can foretell the future?

I also have to say how impressed I am by RE/MAX. They really looked after us well. They paid for our hotel (the Grand Okanagan), they fed us! They wined and dined us! All in all it was like a little "mini convention". Great opportunity to network.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Things are really falling into place!

Now that I have "officially" taken over at RE/MAX country (refer to me as "madame President"now LOL!) things are really picking up. I am so happy that I bought this business. It was definately the right thing to do. The previous owner and I have worked so well together during the transition that is has made things easy and fun!

So life continues on and I am so happy in doing my job. It's a real pleasure to come to this office. Everyone here is great. We had to do a "little house cleaning", but that's normal for a new owner. We have come thru that just fine and things can only get better now!

I've received such positive comments from people that I "barely" know. Definately a small town thing. Everyone I meet congratulates me on my move. I still haven't come down on the "high" of new owner yet!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


So much new stuff to learn! I've got to learn the different way of processing listings, sales, sending stuff to lawyers etc. It's all really the same stuff I've been doing for 14 years, but done just a wee bit different to throw me off, and sometimes doing the simplest thing seems to take forever! Of course, part of the problem is that I can't find anything! Must learn where everything is! Oh the fun part of starting at a new place.
I must admit though, it's all a lot of fun. I haven't felt this excited about work for a while. Must have been time for a change.
The interesting part is learning to be the boss! I've managed offices before, but it's a little different when you are the owner. But I'm really glad I made the choice to buy RE/MAX country. I've had so many encouraging comments from friends and clients. Just wait till Wednesday when the newspaper comes out with my "big ad"!
Let the fun continue!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Something I've wanted, but never thought would happen has happened to me! I am soon to be the proud owner of Remax Country in Princeton, BC.
Kind of scary, exciting at the same time. Should be an interesting adventure ahead!

At this point, there are some people that require special mention. These are the ones that have helped me along the way. It seems like life just seemed to be taking me in this direction!

First of all, Dean Stinson(Realtor, CENTURY 21 Princeton). He encouraged me to get my real estate licence. Dean has taught me so much about the real estate industry, thank you just isn't enough. Dean, you will always be my real estate mentor.

Next, Neil McHaffie(former owner, CENTURY 21 Princeton). He was one of the best bosses a person could ever have. He showed us how a real estate office should be run. I only hope I can do half as well as him.

Heather Johnson (current owner, CENTURY 21 Princeton). She is a great realtor. I can completely understand when she told me during her purchase of a real estate company, "I have to look after myself and family, this is for me."

Janice Barclay (current ,soon to be former, owner of Remax Country). It's great to be able to work with you on this purchase, it just feels so right!

Of course, Randy my darling hubby, Nick and Candace my great children, thanks to you I am able to achieve my dream.

Let the excitement begin!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Southern most point in the USA

So we toured south of Kona and went to the southern most point in the USA. It was very windy! There are a few wind farms along the way, I can understand why!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My morning coffee view

Just thought I would share my morning view this am. I was sitting on my Lanai at Kona by the Sea and having my coffee while taking this pic! Aloha!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Late night arrival

So as I explained in the last post, we got in 4 hours late. Here`s the picture of the photo of our plane just after arrival.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally got to Kona Hawaii!

Well, yesterday was a very long day! It took about 22 hours in total to arrive at my condo in Hawaii.
We left Princeton at 8:00 am, to be able to do some shopping in Richmond before flying out.
So we shop, we eat lunch, we go to the airport (YVR).
We check in, pass thru security, our flight is scheduled to leave in 2 hours. Current time is 4PM, Vancouver time.
Time now: 5:25 PM Vancouver
Our flight is now delayed by 1 hour. Our plane is broken, now waiting on a flight from Toronto, so we can use there plane. No big deal, we will now leave at 7:15 instead of 6:15 and arrive in Kona at 10:30 Hawaiian time.
Then at approximately 6PM we get the bad news, that plane from Toronto has a radar problem, can't use it, must now wait for plane from Honolulu, it will arrive at 9:20 pm, we should now leave Vancouver at 10:30 pm. 4 hours late, so Air Canada gives everyone meal vouchers good for anywhere in the airport, so we have a meal and WAIT! At this point, everyone is phoning hawaii, because we will be arriving at 1:30 am hawaiian time. So I phone our car rental agency, the hotel, yes everyone will stay open for us. The only car rental companies that didn't stay open were Alamo and National. Boo to them, I booked with Avis. So we finally arrive at Kona by theSea at 2:30 am (5:30 am Vancouver time). Hit the hay and explore on Sunday.
I'll post a pic I took of arriving in Kona another, forgot to bring camera to lobby in hotel. I have to use my laptop there, as it is free wi fi in lobby only.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My promise to Ed!

I know, I know, I know! I've been really lax in posting to my blog.
Yesterday, I was at the CENTURY 21 Awards Banquet in Surrey, BC. We had a great time, Dean was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame and received another Centurion award. We also listened to some great speakers, Jeremy Conaway and Ed Kohler.

Ed reminded us all of how important blogging is. So, here's my promise to Ed, now that I've passed my brokers exam and finished all the studying, I promise to blog at least one time per week. Ok everybody, hassle me to make sure that happens! I haven't decided on which day I'll be blogging, but I will!

Now, I must remind all of you, that I will be on holiday's for the next 2 weeks, so they don't count!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exam day!

Well tomorrow is exam day. I'm so nervous, that just thinking about it, gives me the "willies"!

So why am I on the computer? Well I need a break from studying! I think I hurt my brain trying to remember all the math formula's, for appraisal stuff. I still can't figure out why they have some of this stuff for a Broker's exam. Especially, the tax stuff, in the real world, you tell your client to talk to an accountant. It's too risky to calculate it yourself, Realtors are not accountants!

Well back to studying....I write tomorrow at 5pm, it's a 3 hour exam. Then the wait...6 weeks to get it marked! I'll be really proud if I pass, very few do the first time they write the exam. Did you know that BC is one of the most difficult places for the Real Estate course. We have some of the toughest regulations and laws for Real Estate.

Ok back to the books......

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ever had one of those weeks......

when you just can't seem to do or say anything right? Well, for the past little while I seem to have having that problem. I post something on my blog, a person reads it, thinks it's about them, when it's not. So I feel awful. So that's why I changed one of my postings, I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Sometimes my enthusiasm for my work also gets in the way, and I do or say things I shouldn't and I hurt someones feelings. Really, I am working on this! It's tough to "curb your enthusiasm sometimes".

Hopefully, the person's whose feelings I hurt will see this post and know that I'm not "out to get them". I really do respect that person for all that they have accomplished. I know something about this persons history and all that they have overcome in their life, they should be really proud of their accomplishments. I've told some people that as well. Hope that person doesn't mind, again, my enthusiasm might be running amuck!

So hopefully, things will get better. As I said in the past, I love my work, the people I work with. I don't want that to change, I guess I have to change.