Friday, December 7, 2007

Something I won't be doing!

I found this on another blog that I read ( It's kind of geeky, but I know the guy that writes it and yes, he is kind of geeky, but in a nice, non-geeky way!

This is something I won't be doing, unless it's on my Harley!!! (Oh yeah, I've done that!! And sold the place too!)
Pedal Powered Real Estate

I bet there’s a market for this in South Minneapolis:

House hunting for the health conscious

A real estate brokerage company in Colorado has branded itself around the idea of using bicycles to tour homes for sale. Pedal To Properties, based in Boulder, was founded in an effort to “combine health and home,” according to the company’s Web site.

Biking is a much better way to get a feel for a neighborhood than driving. A biking agent could surely build a business around hooking up the Minneapolis biking community with homes in bike-friendly neighborhoods.

It must be winter!

It's that time of year again, when I get feeling, BLAH!!! It's seem's like I don't get enough sleep (although I sleep 9 - 10 hrs per night), morning's are tough. I'll be so glad when winter's over. I think I've said that before!

But anyway, I trudge on! I've joined the local gym in town, I've been faithfully working out in the morning Monday to Friday. I'm there for about an hour. I use the treadmill for 25 min, then onto the ladies weight circuit. So, maybe this will help me fight the winter blahs.

Real Estate is still very busy for this time of year. That's a great thing. Dean & I are still doing at least one to two new deals per week. So, it's interesting, and I'm still learning. I've got one more assignment to do for my Broker's licence, then the test!! It always seems like the last one is the toughest to do, but, I'll trudge through that too. It will be worth it in the long run!

Hope I didn't depress you too much with this posting, but, it's how I feel at the moment. I am very fortunate though, I have a fantastic job, a great husband and family, and a great person to work with (The Dean). So that is why I carry on through my most "blah" time of the year!