Monday, October 20, 2008

New guy in the office

So we have a new Realtor in our office, Mike Mullin. Great kid! He's going to be just fine. But, the poor guy, he's now finding out how much you DON'T LEARN in the Realtor's course.
During the Realtor's course, (by the way, BC has the most difficult course for Realtor's in North America) they teach you law, some dos and don'ts. But they don't teach you how to basically write a contract, what clauses you need, where to find clients etc.
So now the fun begins! Mike will take the post-licensing course soon, that will teach him how to write contracts, clauses etc. But most of his learning, just like any new Realtor, will be learned here in the office or on the fly. I'm really lucky that my other Realtors are great teachers too and willing to help.
Lots of fun for the new guy, it brings back lots of memories for the rest of us too!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My realtors love RE/MAX

Apparently, I taught my realtors to love RE/MAX too much!

RE/MAX balloon day!

It's RE/MAX balloon day! We are celebrating 30 years of balloons! The RE/MAX balloon is one of the most recognizable corporate logos around. So we are having a fun day today! We are serving cake and coffee to any and all walkins!