Friday, September 19, 2008


I hate being sick. I've been sick all week. This week all I've done is, HACK, HACK HACK, HACK, SNORT, SNEEZE, HACK, HACK, moan...., pain, you get the picture. Not pretty is it? Apparently, I have bronchitis and sinus infection. At least my sinus' hurt less today. Now I'm just hacking up a lung or 2.

But, a good point. I found out that ADT does work! I got a phone call last night at 2am from ADT,the glass breakage alarm went off, ADT had already called the police. So off Randy and I head downtown, all the while thinking,oh crap what a mess. I'm assuming the TV in the window is gone, glass everywhere, what a mess at 2 in the morning! We get to the office, the RCMP is already there, nothing is broken! We find the rock that someone threw against the door, there's just a mark on the door where the rock hit. I guess the alarm scared whoever did this off. Well, that was $30 well spent this month!