Friday, July 27, 2007

Spa Day!

So our office (CENTURY 21 Princeton Realty) had to go to Kelowna yesterday for a seminar about some changes that CENTURY 21 is doing for our website. So of course that meant us girls (Heather, Carol & I) had to go a day early for SPA DAY! We went on Wednesday and spent 4 hours at the Spa at the Grand Okanagan Hotel. It was wonderful, now really I'm not one of those "girly girls" but this was fun! We each had a masssage, facial, and of course a pedicure! The 3 of us have the best looking toes of any Realtor! We made sure everyone knew about it at our seminar too! We girls had a great day, we also went out for dinner that evening! We just had TOO MUCH FUN! If you go to Kelowna you might want to check out the spa at the Grand! The link is:

Yesterday, we also had a great seminar, Don Lawby (president of CENTURY 21) spoke for a bit, then Roald Marth (geeky techno guy!) told us about the upcoming changes! It's going to be very exciting. If you look up Roald Marth on the internet, you'll find he's very interesting as well, and extremely knowledgeable on internet stuff. I really enjoyed listing to him speak. Although, everyone found out what a "geek" I really am! Apparently, in the large group of Realtors, I was the only one who actually used ALL THE PROGRAMS he talked about, so now our office says, I'm the "uber-geeek". Although, they did always refer to me as their "digital goddess", so really nothing new there!