Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally got to Kona Hawaii!

Well, yesterday was a very long day! It took about 22 hours in total to arrive at my condo in Hawaii.
We left Princeton at 8:00 am, to be able to do some shopping in Richmond before flying out.
So we shop, we eat lunch, we go to the airport (YVR).
We check in, pass thru security, our flight is scheduled to leave in 2 hours. Current time is 4PM, Vancouver time.
Time now: 5:25 PM Vancouver
Our flight is now delayed by 1 hour. Our plane is broken, now waiting on a flight from Toronto, so we can use there plane. No big deal, we will now leave at 7:15 instead of 6:15 and arrive in Kona at 10:30 Hawaiian time.
Then at approximately 6PM we get the bad news, that plane from Toronto has a radar problem, can't use it, must now wait for plane from Honolulu, it will arrive at 9:20 pm, we should now leave Vancouver at 10:30 pm. 4 hours late, so Air Canada gives everyone meal vouchers good for anywhere in the airport, so we have a meal and WAIT! At this point, everyone is phoning hawaii, because we will be arriving at 1:30 am hawaiian time. So I phone our car rental agency, the hotel, yes everyone will stay open for us. The only car rental companies that didn't stay open were Alamo and National. Boo to them, I booked with Avis. So we finally arrive at Kona by theSea at 2:30 am (5:30 am Vancouver time). Hit the hay and explore on Sunday.
I'll post a pic I took of arriving in Kona another, forgot to bring camera to lobby in hotel. I have to use my laptop there, as it is free wi fi in lobby only.