Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exam day!

Well tomorrow is exam day. I'm so nervous, that just thinking about it, gives me the "willies"!

So why am I on the computer? Well I need a break from studying! I think I hurt my brain trying to remember all the math formula's, for appraisal stuff. I still can't figure out why they have some of this stuff for a Broker's exam. Especially, the tax stuff, in the real world, you tell your client to talk to an accountant. It's too risky to calculate it yourself, Realtors are not accountants!

Well back to studying....I write tomorrow at 5pm, it's a 3 hour exam. Then the wait...6 weeks to get it marked! I'll be really proud if I pass, very few do the first time they write the exam. Did you know that BC is one of the most difficult places for the Real Estate course. We have some of the toughest regulations and laws for Real Estate.

Ok back to the books......