Saturday, May 3, 2008

Things are really falling into place!

Now that I have "officially" taken over at RE/MAX country (refer to me as "madame President"now LOL!) things are really picking up. I am so happy that I bought this business. It was definately the right thing to do. The previous owner and I have worked so well together during the transition that is has made things easy and fun!

So life continues on and I am so happy in doing my job. It's a real pleasure to come to this office. Everyone here is great. We had to do a "little house cleaning", but that's normal for a new owner. We have come thru that just fine and things can only get better now!

I've received such positive comments from people that I "barely" know. Definately a small town thing. Everyone I meet congratulates me on my move. I still haven't come down on the "high" of new owner yet!