Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Honda's Home

I got my Accord back yesterday. She had to go into the body shop for some painting. I gots lots of "rock" chips this past winter. Of course, Argo Road Maintenance (highway contractor for our area) doesn't use rocks or gravel when maintaining our roads in the winter time. No, they use "winter abraisive". Well, the winter abraisive sure is tough on the paint of my car! I couldn't believe the number of chips in the paint. I almost had to get the entire car repainted! Now it looks so much better. There's still a few little spots left where I didn't spend money on getting repainted, so I'll have to use my touch up paint.

I definately plan on NOT driving my car this winter. I'll use our beloved 1991 Chev Cavalier this winter or use Randy's truck as needed. Or as I like to say I'll use the humble car!