Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family and Visitors

So we have a full house this weekend. Well, it's just not our house, it's our friends house as well!
Candace (my daughter) came home from school for the weekend, which she's been doing regularly, her mother appreciates that! Plus Nick, (my son) invited some of his friends from Chilliwack to come visit up here this weekend. I have to admit, I love it! Our friends, their son is one of the visitors, have become pretty much family to us. We were there last night and it was so great to see all our kids having so much fun together. We were all laughing and eating, it was awesome. The kids ended up playing "rock band" and they were taking turns singing with it! It just put such a smile on my mommy face! So while the kids were busy, the parents did karaoke! I haven't sung like that for a while, it was great.
I love having 'family' visit!