Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to school

Well it's back to school, fall must be here.
This past weekend, we moved Candace into her dorm at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna. Wow, it was amazing. There was a huge lineup of cars, but, everything moved quick. We had all of Candace's stuff in her room (with the help of 4 other students) in about 15 minutes. Then came the unpacking and shopping for stuff that she still needed.

So yesterday, she had her new student orientation. She said it went well and enjoyed it. Today, is the first day of classes. I hope everything goes well for her.

Randy said something rather profound when we left Kelowna after moving her in, is this harder on the parents or the students? I'm really not sure. I know it's tough on me! I just keep reminding myself that this is something she's worked hard for, plus it's something she's always wanted. Candace has always been a great student and this past summer she's been so excited about university.

But, it's still tough on Mom.